Egrets, egrets and more egrets! (And a pygmy owl too)

December 6, 2007

Boat Great Egrets on flight

Hi everyone,

Another week in the Amazon and the rivers are still rising. The water level is up to 3/4ths of what is expected for the year, though experts say that “La Niña” will hit the Andes strongly in January, February and March so we might have a record on the water level in the Amazon Basin.

Anyway, this week was fantastic with more than 128 species of birds and 5 of primates. When we arrived to the mouth of the Pacaya River, thousands, literally, thousands of Great Egrets (Mixed with snowy egrets and neotropic cormorants) where perching on the trees. When we took the speedboats to explore the river almost all of them started flying following the course of the river for several minutes. We were very close to the birds on flight, almost able to touch them. It felt like a dream Read the rest of this entry »