Hello world!

November 4, 2007

JorgesgGeowonders.com blog is born! This has been a long postponed project that integrates the wildlife and cultural photography, sound recordings and experiences collected during my constant travels and that I always wanted to share more actively with the many friends I make on the road.

If I have been lucky to meet you, WELCOME! I hope to find your comments and stay in touch through this blog.

If luck hasn’t been on my side and we haven’t met yet, then permit a brief introduction:

I am Jorge Salas-Guevara and I have been traveling professionally through the remote parts of the world since 1990. Even though a heavy weight, I happily carry through airports, hotels and expedition campsites the photography and audio recording equipment that let me share the cultural and natural beauty of the diverse destinations I visit.

During my years in Chile I met a beautiful Chilean girl that made hers my hart, her name is Maria Paz, also known as Pollo, and has been my wife and partner for already 10 amazing years. We live in Lima Peru, a city we consider a great travel hub and a fantastic place to live.


Nowadays I depart to travel professionally around the world as an Expedition Leader and Product Developer for International Expeditions, the world Leader in Nature Travel (www.ietravel.com) and on my personal explorations, research and photography assignments. These activities keep me on the road for over 250 days a year. Maria Paz accompanies me in several of these trips.

Maria Paz (Pollo, as I will refer to her in the future) always wanted to use the pictures, sound recordings and multimedia projects in products available in an online store; and I always wanted to share my writing and photography online.

Today we are in our apartment celebrating the birth of GeoWonders.com with a great bottle of Chilean wine.

We hope that you visit us often and see us grow (Apart from the Blog and the Shop, Pollo is working in our already large Online Photo Archive, soon to come, and in wich we will include complete information of the species and places presented). Please, don’t hesitate to send your feedback and to comment in the posts. Consider this Your website; a place to come for the enjoyment, understanding and sharing of the wonderful nature and culture of this, our world.

Visit our shop. We already have great products from The Amazon, India and Papua New Guinea that will equally delight naturalists, birders and travelers.


Pollo and Jorge

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