Egrets, egrets and more egrets! (And a pygmy owl too)

Boat Great Egrets on flight

Hi everyone,

Another week in the Amazon and the rivers are still rising. The water level is up to 3/4ths of what is expected for the year, though experts say that “La Niña” will hit the Andes strongly in January, February and March so we might have a record on the water level in the Amazon Basin.

Anyway, this week was fantastic with more than 128 species of birds and 5 of primates. When we arrived to the mouth of the Pacaya River, thousands, literally, thousands of Great Egrets (Mixed with snowy egrets and neotropic cormorants) where perching on the trees. When we took the speedboats to explore the river almost all of them started flying following the course of the river for several minutes. We were very close to the birds on flight, almost able to touch them. It felt like a dream I am sure none of the expeditioners (28 travelers accompanied me this time) will ever forget.

great egret

By the way, 2 of the expeditioners brought with them the new Birds of Peru Field Guide by Schulenberg, Stotz, Lane, O’neil and Parker. The book is really good, WAY better than the previous one by Clements and Shany who embarrassed every Peruvian guide for all the years it was our only field guide. I will work on a review on the new book soon.

One last thing… Check the White Tail Trogon picture, I am very happy with it.

Tomorrow, at 5am. I am flying to Cusco where I will begin a two-week exploration of Cusco, Puno, Titicaca Lake, Arequipa and Colca Canyon. I will be posting updates on that trip soon.

I am keeping this post short because I have to run. Pollo and I are trying to finally buy the apartment of our dreams and my wide angle lens died some days ago so I need to find one before the day ends (Not an easy task in Lima-Peru)

Until the next post, have tons of fun!


P.S. If you like the pictures, don’t forget to leave your comments. Thanks.

pygmy owl
Pygmy Owl

white tail trogon
White Tail Trogon

three toed sloth
Three Toed Sloth


Sunbittern closeup
Sunbittern Close-up


Silber beak tanager
Silver Beak Tanager

Giant Water Lilies
Giant Water Lilies

Festive Parrot
Festive Parrot on Flight on a rainy day

Festive Parrots
Festive Parrots

Crimson Crested Barbet
Crimson Crested Barbet

Oreol Blackbird
Oreol Blackbird




masked trogon
Masked Trogon

egret on flight
Great Egret on flight

Great Egret
Great Egret on flight

Great Egret on flight
Great Egret on flight


kids girls


3 Responses to Egrets, egrets and more egrets! (And a pygmy owl too)

  1. Rafael says:

    Los felicito Jorge y Pollo!! Tus fotos están increíbles, que buenas expediciones… Esa foto de inicio del Ornate Hawk-eagle está alusinante, de las más finas… se vé que va todo bien…
    Saludos con muy buenas vibrazz!!!

  2. Oliver Vit says:

    Hola Mono y Pollo!!

    Long long time since we had contact.
    Looks like you two are having a wonderful adventure and what wonderful pictures!!!

    Please leave me a message:


  3. yvette whitmore says:


    I was admiring your photography and wondering if you allow others to use your photography for artwork. I am an artist and love the crispness and composition of your photographs. If you do not, I completely understand and respect your decision. Your work is beautiful!

    Thank you,
    Yvette Whitmore

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