Amazon Voyage Update – Ornate Hawk Eagle!!!

Ornate Hawk Eagle

Hi Everyone,

I just came back from another week exploring the heart of the Amazon and I was able to bring back this photo of a fully matured Ornate Hawk Eagle IN THE WILD. I have been waiting for the opportunity to observe this specie for many, many years. Gladly, a group of birders from the World Wildlife Fund and International Expeditions ( accompanied me and we truly appreciated the rare encounter. The bird observed us for a long period of time (Actually it never left, we did)

This expedition also provided another “New Specie”. A beautiful (really beautiful) Lemon-throated Barbet that happened to fly across the river to pose, closely, for our cameras. Isn’t it amazing?

Lemon-throated Barbet by Jorge Salas-Guevara in

The water level hasn’t change much. It just rise a couple feet from last week, remaining at 50% of what is expected this year.

I need to mention that the weather patterns, as in everywhere else, are changing drastically. Water shouldn’t be at its current level. Normally the rivers rise at the end of December. Also, the day we left Iquitos a “Friaje” (a temperature drop-down to around 10 Celsius) started. This “Friajes” are common to occur thanks to cold winds from Patagonia that travel over the Argentinean flatlands into the Amazon Basin in June, July and August. What is not common is to have them as often as it is happening these years.

Pacaya River Creek by Jorge Salas-Guevara &

Anyway, the river maintains the water level at 50%+. The “Palizada” (Great amounts of debris -including large logs) make the access to several creeks a challenge for our Boat Drivers, but they always succeed in finding the right paths, adding more excitement to the excursions and increasing the appreciation for their amazing skills.

The expedition results where fantastic:

Bird Count: 137 species (Including a Ornate Hawk Eagle. Wow!)
Primates: 6 species (Many Red Howlers)
Butterflies: 13 species

Boat in Pacaya Samiria by Jorge Salas-Guevara &

I am planning to write an article on the Ornate Hawk Eagle before I depart, next week, to the Amazon again.

Until then stay safe and have tons of fun.



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